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“if Rage Against the Machine and Cake had a baby”

“Sure, the premise is bizarre. I mean, do bears and lions even have opposable thumbs to play the guitar? And yes, the set up is a bit hokey. But I’m willing to forgive it if they keep delivering songs like “Pancakes.” The song has a bit of a hard, almost rap-metal sound to it. It’s as if Rage Against the Machine and Cake had a baby and started making children’s music with its gradual build and mariachi-ish horn. The song not only lays out Bears and Lions backstory, but it also makes my mouth water with this roll call of pancake varieties and toppings. IHOP should consider making this their theme song.”

Orange Blossom Revue

The Orange Blossom Revue, which took place on the shores of Lake Wailes Friday night, is an event hosted by the Lake Wales Rotary Club. The proceeds benefit Lake Wales recreation and parks projects, so the community is investing in the community by attending.

Bears and Lions, a band that dresses up as animals while performing quirky songs about pancakes and airplanes, livened up both the children and adults in the audience.

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Sleepyhead gets it’s first review!

Bears and Lions, oh my! The duo (who dress like the erstwhile creatures) have a brand new EP of two songs, “Sleepyhead” and “Depot Park.” If you like Wilco but wished they skewed more for kids, you get the general idea of their sound. Still, they make a funky pair. Bears and Lions should be natural enemies, yet they have banded together to make a band.

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4th of July at the University of Florida

The University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications will host the annual celebration at Flavet Field.

“It’s our gift back to the community for Independence Day,” Sue Wagner, the college’s director of community relations, said.

The event begins at 7 p.m. when members of the Bears and Lions band take the stage dressed as wild, fluffy animals.

“I’ve never seen a squirrel play the drums,” Wagner said. “I think that’s pretty amazing.”

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“Jangly, southern-fried guitar-pop songs”

“My introduction to the Florida-based duo Bears and Lions was a couple months back, where a couple dudes dressed up as, yes, a bear and a lion (in ’70s era basketball uniforms, no less), strode up on stage and proceeded to play one of the more goofy sets of songs I’d heard in kids music. Jangly, southern-fried guitar-pop songs about jumping out of airplanes, man’s best friend, and PAN! CAKE! SWEEP! STAKES! (Just listen to “Pancakes” all the way through, trust me.)”