A Bears and Lions show is a musical spectacle like no other.

Hailing from Gainesville, Florida, these animals escaped the circus to break the rules and expectations of age-free/cage-free music by inspiring children to be more accepting, tolerant, and adventurous in everyday life.
Their show is a collective of animals that includes a Gorilla, a Zebra, a Giraffe, a Moose, and a Bison, playing family-friendly rock and Americana that quickly makes fans of kids and parents alike. Together, this band of wild animals motivates kids to get up and dance, engage and even participate in the show!

Event Information:

  • Sat

    2nd Annual Heartwood Music Festival

    12:20 pmHeartwood Soundstage

    Come celebrate the one year anniversary of Heartwood Soundstage - North Florida's Live Recording Venue! And of course eat pancakes then shake it off by grooving to a few of our new songs off our upcoming album!

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